Welcome! I am Katie North, the owner and founder of North Performance and here I would like to tell you a bit about me. I am a very friendly, enthusiastic, and welcoming individual with a ‘larger than life’ personality, inspiring everyone I meet with my infectious smile and positivity.

 As a mum to an energetic two-year-old boy, I understand the chaos of everyday life, juggling responsibilities and trying to establish the ‘work-life balance’ whilst finding time for self-care predominantly with exercise. I place great emphasis on the importance of exercise and the positive impact it has on mental health.

 My 15 years’ experience in the Fitness Industry include working at the commendable sports resort Club La Santa in Lanzarote and in other countries. The most satisfying aspect of working in the fitness industry, in my opinion, is helping others to achieve their health and fitness goals and being part of their amazing journey.

I have attained various sporting achievements, including Ironman UK 2014 and 2015, championship start at London Marathon and completion of 100k ultramarathon, all of which manifest extraordinary mental and physical strength. I have also obtained a BSc in Social Psychology, ensuring I understand the behaviours and thought processes as to why people exercise.

 An enhancement of 3 core values can be achieved by training with me. First one being, the exhilaration from training will increase endorphins promoting happiness and a positive mental health. Secondly, a development in personal strength, both physically and mentally, will stimulate a belief that an individual is capable of whatever they set their mind to. Finally, an improvement in overall health, be that physically, mentally, or socially. All three will lead to a happier and healthier you!!

 I believe that a positive mental attitude is key to a healthy lifestyle and assert that “The body can achieve anything, it’s the mind you have to convince”.